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Tales of quod erat demonstandum

Updated: Jan 31, 2018

Today I am cold, wet and dirty, yet surprisingly excited. In the photography studio a stunning Victorian bar is coming back to life. From an obscure pile of wood, which has lain undisturbed at the back of the barn for more than 3 years, the mirrored beauty is revealed.

I am feeling a bit ashamed as I have been nagging Mr W to consign the mishmash of old timber to the bonfire. This is his “I told you so!” moment but for now he is being magnanimous. A London design company have asked us for a shabby chic bar and we are hoping this might fit the bill. At least it has given us the push we needed to get it out of storage and photographed!

Mr W has put the last piece of shelving into place and Laura our photographer is setting up her studio lights. He turns and catches my eye, “quod erat demonstandum!" he announces with a sly grin and an unexpected grasp of Latin! Not for the first time I wonder if working with my husband really is a sensible move, but then I shrug, after all he is right, he did tell me so!

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