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Tales of Ljubljana

By Pru Woods

Mr W. made a surprising announcement this week when he declared with pride “I am taking you away for your birthday!” This was a shock for several reasons: one, that he had even remembered my birthday; and two, that it had registered long enough for him to do something about it!

My mind raced, Venice? Paris? A long weekend in New York? “Ljubljana!” he declared with pride. “Bless you!” I said. He looked a bit startled at this, “we’re going to Ljubljana in Slovenia, and it’s all arranged.” Okay, so not the first place you think of when considering romantic destinations, but it’s the thought that counts.

My mind wandered, strolling hand in hand as we walk along the river (does Ljubljana even have a river?); candlelit dinners; maybe even a horse drawn carriage ride at sunset…….. Mr W was saying something, “…. really good oak boards, so if we hire a car at the airport we can be there in an hour. We’ll have time to look around, choose what we want and make it back to the airport hotel in time for dinner!”

Normal service is resumed! After 14 years of running our reclamation yard together I don’t know why I was surprised. The children have long got used to holidays where Dad stops dead in his tracks to make them examine a door knocker, or they all get neck strain when he insists they admire a bit of carving at the top of a building. “Sure I said, that will be fun!” After all, who doesn’t love an old floorboard?

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